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About the Okanagan Health Forum


The Okanagan Health Forum (OHF) was organized in 2005 to provide cutting edge research in lifestyle medicine to health care professionals, allied health professionals, complementary health care practitioners, educators and the general public. It was designed to bring internationally acclaimed authorities on health and wellness to inspire and motivate our residents to make choices that support exceptional health and well being. OHF is completely organized and staffed by a small handful of healthcare professionals and business owners volunteering their time.

The Okanagan Health Forum is the educational arm of the Canadian Health Action Association.

The purposes of the association are:

        (a)   to promote lifestyle changes that will improve the health and wellness of British Columbians
                by providing comprehensive lifestyle education programs to :

                   a. The general public
                   b. Physicians
                   c. Allied health professionals
                   d. Complementary health care practitioners
                   e. Educators

          (b)   to bring recognized leaders in nutrition and lifestyle medicine to British Columbia to assist in these
                  education efforts.

          (c)   to serve as a reliable source of health and nutrition information.

          (d)   to advocate for public policy that supports and promotes health promotion and disease risk reduction.


Past Okanagan Health Forum Events

    - 2010
    - 2009
    - 2007
    - 2005

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